Co-Curriculum - Service Learning

HSPA has been involved in the NSW Premier’s Student Volunteering Awards Program with great success. This program is a NSW government initiative that encourages all students to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering during the time they are enrolled in Years 9 and 10.


In recognition of their contribution to the community, students receive a Premier’s Certificate for completing 20, 40, 60, 80 and 150 hours of volunteering (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Black Opal respectively). All students in Years 9 and 10 in public schools are eligible to participate in the NSW Premier’s Student Volunteering Awards program. Students who have undertaken volunteering from the start of Year 9 can apply to have their hours of volunteering recognised for the purposes of the NSW Premier’s Student Volunteering Award.

Volunteering is defined as an activity or project which:

  • is undertaken for no financial or material benefit to the volunteer
  •  is undertaken of the volunteers own freewill (they are neither directed nor pressured)
  •  will benefit someone other than the volunteer (although it is recognised that the social and emotional rewards to volunteers can be significant).




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