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Hunter School of the Performing Arts offers a unique educational environment, being NSW's only fully selective Performing Arts School. The Junior (3-4), Middle (5-8) and Senior (9-12) Years deliver outstanding developmental programs, with a gifted and talented focus in Dance, Drama and Music. In addition, academic, welfare and sporting programs complement the delivery of a comprehensive academic Year 3-12 curriculum, which caters for students' individual abilities. Academic giftedness and learning support needs are accommodated.


Enrolment through audition for 2019 is available for Years 3-11. Please be aware that the majority of vacancies occur in the Junior and Middle years (Years 3-8). Year 3-7 students undertake compulsory studies in Dance, Drama and Music as part of the Junior and Middle School Curriculum. Year 8-12 students undertake major and minor studies in the Performing Arts as elective subjects. This can include the study of more than one Performing Arts field. All students have access to specialist opportunities for tuition and ensemble membership in the Performing Arts.


The School offers strong academic programs in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Visual Arts, Technology & Applied Sciences, Languages Other than English and Personal Development, Physical Education and Health. In 2018, the School's class organisation is: Junior Years - 3/4; Middle Years - 5, 5, 6, 6, 6 and six classes each for Years 7-8; and Senior Years - six classes each in Years 9-10 and 315 students in Year 11-12 HSC Courses. A similar pattern for school structure and class organisation is likely to occur in 2019.


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