2019 Year 7-11 Applications are Closed | 2019 Primary Applications are Closed

2019 Audition Application Timetable


Year 7-11

Year 3-6

Application Forms Due:

  • Parents/guardians to complete and forward application, Section A to Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

Applications close
2 April 2018

Applications close
20 August 2018

Notification of Audition Times:

Parents/Carers will be notified of audition dates and times by mail.

by 20 April 2018

by 7 September 2018

Auditions Timetable (Years 3-11):

Dance auditions will comprise one compulsory workshop.

Drama and Music auditions will comprise two compulsory components:

  • a specialised audition in Drama or Music; and

  • participation in a single-arts group workshop in the same session - see following pages for detailed information.

7 May 2018
11 May 2018

24 September 2018
28 September 2018

Notification to Parents of Audition Results:

All parents/carers will be notified of their children's results by mail. This will either be a direct offer, a reserve offer or a declination.

by 30 May 2018

by 29 October 2018

Appeals regarding Initial Notification to Parents:

Must be in writing only (no personal/phone interviews) and only on the audition process not the result. Any appeals must be received by the Principal by 4 June 2018 (7-11) or 2 November 2018 (3-6).

by 4 June 2018

by 2 November 2018

Information Day for successful applicants:

Parents/Carers will be given information about the school and any requirements for the 2019 Scholastic Year and beyond.

on 7 June 2018
7:00 pm

on 5 November 2018
1:00 pm

Deadline for Acceptance of Initial Offers of Enrolment:

Parents/Carers are required to confirm or decline placements for their children at Hunter School of the Performing Arts

by 15 June 2018

by 9 November 2018



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