Faculties - Dance

The philosophy and focus of Dance is to express oneself through dance and appreciate dance as a performing art; to value dance as an art form; and to promote understanding of each other by providing opportunities to work and learn in cooperative circumstances. The Dance program in Years 7-10 involves 3 major areas:
  • Performance (in relation to “bodily competence” and interpretation of dance styles);
  • Composition (in relation to development of the creative process in dance); and
  • Appreciation (in relation to making informed judgments of dance and studying historical perspectives).
  • Year 7 Dance (all students)
  • Year 8 Dance (mandatory for all dance students)
  • Year 8-10 Dance Production
  • Year 9-10 Dance (mandatory and elective courses), Classical Ballet
  • Year 11-12 Dance, Assistant Dance Teaching (VET). Click here for a great info video!
Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching is a fantastic course which is currently provided exclusively to HSPA students. It's a Board Endorsed VET Course which has been developed by HSPA teachers over the past three years. ADT counts for 2 units towards the HSC and also is a nationally recognised credential. Students complete 8 events over the two years of study (Yrs 11-12) including First Aid certificates, assisting with major performance rehearsals, peer teaching and group training sessions. It is designed to run parallel with the current HSC dance course, but if you are looking for a fun dance alternative it can provide the enjoyment of dance with the freedom of TAFE.
Additional Activities
  • Ensembles and companies
  • Productions
  • Star Struck
  • Hunter Dance Festival and State Dance Festival
  • Sydney Schools Spectacular  
  • Conference performances
  • Workshops with well-known dancers / choreographers
  • Excursions to dance companies / performances
  • Invitations to participate in major public events
  • Two specialist dance studios
  • A fully equipped theatre with rehearsal space



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