Faculties - Languages


Through the study of another language students gain a deeper awareness and understanding of other cultures and thereby an appreciation of different cultural backgrounds. Being at a performing arts school, students are also encouraged to explore their area of interest through their language study. Communication is the main goal in all Language courses offered in the school.

Learning a language is not just learning grammar and vocabulary; it is learning new sounds, expressions and ways of seeing the world; it is learning how to act in another culture and how to know a community from the inside.

Learning about other cultures will help students expand their personal horizon and become responsible citizens of the world. A student's ability to communicate with others and gain knowledge beyond the world of English can contribute to community and country.

Languages that may be offered:
  • Year 7: Italian, Chinese or French
  • Year 8: Italian or French (elective)
  • Years 9-10: Italian or French (elective)
  • Years 11-12:  Italian or French (Beginners or Continuers courses)
  • Other courses eg. Continuers or others languages accessible via correspondence.
Additional Activities

Students will experience the language through music/drama/dance presentations. Immersion in the language is provided through excursions and incursions involving culture and community. An insight and appreciation of the language and culture is gained by applying skills and knowledge in the wider community.

Special Features
  • Conversation classes are offered to any interested students in Years 7-12. 


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