Faculties - Library

Ms M Walker - Teacher-Librarian
Ms T Ryan - School Admin Officer

The information sources available through the Library @HSPA ensure that students and teachers have a variety of materials to meet curriculum and recreational needs.

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The OLIVER library system provides access to curated collections of information resources. These include online digital resources through ClickView Online, websites, e-books, print materials, World Book Online and audio-visual resources. 

There is an extensive range of fiction including Premier's Reader Challenge (PRC) titles and many more titles for the enjoyment of all readers. Students and teachers can write their own resource reviews, rate resources, make reservations, create bibliographies and request resources.

2016 Reading Events (click pics below)

Library @HSPA guide

The Library is open from 8:15 to 3:15 every day. Students leave their bags on the shelves and hooks provided in the storage area. Food and drink are to be consumed outside the Library.

Borrowing and Returning Books

Resources are generally available for two week loans. Using OLIVER, students and staff can always check the date due of their books. Using OLIVER, students and staff can check the availability of items and make reservations. All borrowers receive email reminders about overdue books and items. When a reminder is received by a borrower they are expected to RETURN the items IMMEDIATELY or arrange for an extension of the loan.


Technology support is available to students in the Library @ HSPA. Each student should have a suitably labelled USB.

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

Students have access to these services before school, recess and lunchtime or in class time when sent by a teacher with a note. Each Student should have a suitably labelled USB. All copies are to be paid for at the time of printing. No IOU's. Students may also scan material to a USB or their DEC email address. Costs are 20c/page, black and white and 70c/page for colour.


Newcastle Herald, Sydney Morning Herald, Telegraph and Koori Times are available.


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