Faculties - Mathematics


Miss T Wotherspoon (leave)




The aim of all Mathematics courses is to stimulate all students to think and solve problems in a logical way, which will maximise their potential. We recognise the need to be flexible in our support for performing arts students.

  • Years 7-8: students follow the same BOS course but different programs cater for the full range of student abilities
  • Years 9-10: 3 levels within the syllabus - 5.3 (Advanced), 5.2 (Intermediate) and 5.1 (Standard).
  • Years 11-12: General Mathematics 1, General Mathematics 2, Mathematics (Advanced), Mathematics Extension 1 & 2
All students must have a calculator. They are available from the Mathematics Faculty after paying $20 at the front office.
Additional Activities
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Colin Doyle Mathematics Competition
  • Talented Student Days/workshops
  • University of NSW ICAS competitions (Primary)
  • World of Maths Roadshow
  • Geek Class - open from 8am in FT3 daily


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