Faculties - Primary

 (AP, Yr 6 - Mon/Wed)
Mrs R Wilson (Relieving AP, Yr 6 - Thurs/Fri)
Miss M Adam

The Primary section of HSPA aims to nurture its students' skills and interest in the three main areas of performing arts - Dance, Drama and Music - while offering a comprehensive academic curriculum catering for a wide range of student abilities. Classroom programs are integrated and structured to fully implement the curriculum in the six key learning areas.
Our school seeks to maximise each student's sense of:
  • responsibility
  • self-discipline
  • self-direction and initiative towards achieving excellence in scholarship
  • citizenship
  • performance
  • sportsmanship and friendship.
Our learning programs focus on the acquisition of skills, are student-centred, with clear goals and outcomes set out for students to attain through inquiry learning. Emphasis is placed on numeracy and literacy which is enhanced through specialised skills, and training in dance, drama, music and visual arts. Programs are integrated to maximise learning by utilising the enthusiasm and interests of students in their everyday life. Creativity and divergent thinking skills are developed within this framework so that all students are prepared for life long learning.
Skilled classroom teachers with expertise in Dance, Drama and Music work with the students in a supportive, cooperative atmosphere where an individuals' skills and creativity are appreciated and valued. Opportunities to perform individually, in small ensemble groups, concert bands, class groups and whole school activities are provided throughout the year reflecting the aims of our programs. Students are also encouraged to further their academic pursuits through entering competitions and workshops and their sporting prowess through participating in Primary School Sports Association activities such as athletics, swimming and cross country.
A great advantage to the primary section of the school is the availability of science laboratories, dance and drama studios, computer rooms, keyboard rooms and music rooms for our use, as well as a large, well stocked library.
The primary teachers and students recognise the importance of community involvement to achieve the successful functioning of our school. We emphasise "team work" with parents, teachers, students and mentors working together in the classrooms and local community in the pursuit of excellence of achievement in a caring learning environment.
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