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Science provides a distinctive view and way of thinking about the world. The study of science has led to an evolving body of knowledge organised as an interrelated set of models, theories, laws, systems, structures and interactions. It is through this body of knowledge that science provides explanations for a variety of phenomena and enables sense to be made of the biological, physical and technological world. An understanding of science and its social and cultural contexts provides a basis for future choices and ethical decisions about local and global applications and implications of science.

  • Years 7-10NSW Board of Studies Science curriculum
  • Year 11-12: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Senior Science, Earth and Environmental Science
Additional Activities
The Science Faculty provides a variety of opportunities to enhance learning through participation in competitions and excursions, some of which are listed below:
  • International Science Competition (Years 3 to 12)
  • Snake Tails (Year 7)
  • Luna Park Physics is Fun? (Year 9)
  • Forensic Science Expo (Year 9)
  • Science & Engineering Challenge (Year 10)
  • Shortland Wetlands Centre (Year 11 Biology)
  • Awabakal Field Studies Centre (Year 11 Earth & Environmental Science)
  • Hunter Envirothon (Year 11 Earth & Environmental Science)
  • Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor (Year 11 Chemistry and Physics)
  • UNSW Museum of Human Disease (Year 12 Biology)
  • HSC Experiment-Fest (Year 12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics).



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