Faculties - Visual Arts

The focus of Visual Arts is to:
  • provide all students with an extensive Visual Arts knowledge
  • develop an appreciation of artistic expression through a range of media whilst developing individual talents and expertise.
  • Years 7-8: all students
  • Year 8: elective courses include Visual Arts, Photographic & Digital Media, Usable Visual Arts, Visual Design-Theatre Arts
  • Year 9-10: elective courses include Visual Arts, Photographic & Digital Media, Visual Design, Ceramics
  • Years 11-12: Visual Arts, Visual Design, Photographic & Digital Media, Visual Arts (Multimedia)

Additional Activities
As part of the learning process, students are consistently exposed to artworks in gallery situations through excursions to local and Sydney galleries. Entry is made into external competitions that are offered each year. Workshops are offered in a variety of media in different courses.

Special Features

  • A Theatre Arts course and a Ceramics course have been specifically written for Years 9 & 10 to support students? interests. Visual Design in Years 11 & 12 has been implemented to extend students? design skills in costume and theatre design
  • HSC Body of Work Exhibition showcasing students works annually
  • Cultural Tours of Europe (Rome, Florence, Venice & Paris) to see world renowned art works
  • Highly experienced faculty staff.



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