Our School - Parents and Citizens

The P & C operates a number of sub committees that provide focused support to the school. These include the Primary Parents Sub Committee, the Canteen Committee, the Music Sub Committee and the Fundraising  Committee. Other working groups are formed from time to time on a project needs basis.

The P&C Executive
President - Mr John Tessier
Secretary - Mrs Kathryn O'Connor
Treasurer - Mrs Lynne Guy

Meeting Times
P &C  - first Monday of each month during school terms, 7pm in the Staff common room
Primary Subcommittee - first Monday of each month during school terms, 6pm in the Boardroom (Admin block)
Music Subcommittee - TBC
Meeting Minutes

Hunter School of the Performing Arts, like all schools, relies heavily on the assistance and support of our school community. The generous contributions of our willing volunteers enables many school programs to function effectively. We particularly welcome the support of parents, grandparents and friends of the school in the areas listed below:
  • School Canteen - Volunteers are needed on both a regular and emergency basis. The Canteen is operated under the auspices of the P & C and is a major source of fundraising for the school
  • Music Faculty - Clerical assistance is required on a daily basis. The role would include photocopying, data input and filing.
  • Reading Tutors (Multilit) - For students from all years as required. This program involves listening to individual students read. It has proven to be very beneficial for students with reading difficulties
  • Library Assistance - Particularly covering and repairing books. This ensures that students have continued access to all library resources.
  • Costumes - Organising storeroom and cataloguing costumes. We have accumulated a large number of costumes which need to be sorted and catalogued to ensure more effective use.
  • P & C Primary Sub Committee - Parents and friends of primary school students are encouraged to support our fundraising initiatives. This group assist the primary staff to organise special functions such as community fundraisers, Mothers’ Day stalls, Fathers’ Day stalls and end of year functions.


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