Our School - The Nosh Pit (Canteen)

Canteen Managers: Fiona Kershaw and Emma Walker-Coon
Canteen Assistant: Lynne Kentish
Hours: open from 8.30am everyday. Closes at 1.45pm on Mondays, and 1.30pm every other day.

Summer Menu and Price List 2018

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Place your lunch order and don't miss out! All lunch orders must be placed by 9.30am.

The School Canteen is operated by the school Parent's and Citizen's Association (Incorporated) and managed by a P&C subcommittee. The canteen relies upon the support from parent volunteers to assist in its daily operation. The canteen subcommittee meets twice a term and you are not only welcome but also encouraged to come along. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 7th Wednesday each term in the school common room at 9.30am and usually take 1 hour.

Are you able to help on the canteen? We are always looking for new parents who can provide assistance. Canteen Volunteer Form

Healthy Schools Canteen Alliance - The canteen is a member of the Healthy Schools Canteen Alliance and offers a range of freshly made and healthy food options to suit all tastes.

How many serves of fruit and vegetables do children need to eat? The amount children should eat depends on their age, appetite and activity level. Emphasis should be placed on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. The recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables for children and adolescents is shown in the table below. A serve of fruit is: 1 medium piece (eg. apple, banana, pear, orange).

Age of Child Fruit Serves    Per Day Vegetable Serves per Day    
4-7 1-2 2-4
8-11 1-2 3-5
12-18 3-4 4-9





What's In Your Lunch Box? When a child is at school, they will consume about a third of their daily nutritional requirements during recess and lunch. It is important, therefore, that the lunchbox is well planned to include a variety of healthy choices to ensure that your child has enough energy and nutrients to help them concentrate, learn and play.



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