Our School - Hiring The Hunter Theatre

Welcome to the Hunter Theatre, located on the campus of Hunter School of the Performing Arts, Cameron Street Broadmeadow. 

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The highly acclaimed Hunter Theatre is one of the Hunter Region's prime performance spaces and hosts a wide range of concerts, musicals, plays, dance and other events. The Hunter Theatre has been impressing audiences since its opening in 2007.

Newcastle is Australia's seventh largest city and the 365 seat Hunter Theatre, with the capacity to extend to 380 seats, has created its own niche by being an intimate yet fully serviced Theatre equipped with a fly tower and orchestra pit. The fully tiered seating, has dedicated spaces available to persons with limited mobility and lifts to enable access to upper and lower levels within the Theatre, for both front and back of house.

As the Hunter Theatre is utilised by the students during school hours, school days are limited to a 4pm bump-in time. 

PLEASE NOTE: During 2018/2019 there will be construction work in progress on site behind the Theatre. Although all attempts will be made to minimise noise, at times this may be unavoidable.

Seating Plan - Please note that Row AA (removable seating) is available on special request

Schedule of Fees

Booking Request Form - please email to huntperfor-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au (Subject: Hunter Theatre Hire)




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