Caring For Students - Supporting Families

A range of services is available to support families, including translation and interpreter services, adult education, adult English programs and telephone counselling services. Parent information that is relevant for your child's education is available in English and other community languages.
Practical Help For Parents
excellent resource with information about
Homework and Study (subjects, homework tips, planning for the future), Wellbeing (behaviour, bullying, teen boys, peer pressure, development, fitness, food, health, body image) and Technology (cyberbullying, cybersafety, using technology).
The school counsellor can assist when families undergo a trauma or big change. Contact us to make an appointment. For information in community languages see school counselling serviceFree telephone counselling services (outside of the education system) are available to support families who may be going through a difficult time.
  • Lifeline - a 24 hour telephone counselling service - 13 11 14.
  • Mensline Australia - 24 hour telephone counselling service for men - 1300 789 978.
  • Parent line - a toll free 24 hour advice and information service - 1300 1300 52.
Interpreter Service
Parents and carers who don't speak English well and deaf parents and carers who use sign language, can get assistance from the telephone interpreter service. An interpreter can be requested for school matters involving your child such as enrolment, subject choice, educational progress, attendance, welfare or behaviour. Interpreters can also be requested for parent-teacher interviews, school meetings, school council meetings, and parents and citizens meetings. The telephone number to call is 131 450. Ask for an interpreter for the required language and the interpreter will call our school and stay on the line to assist you with your conversation. You will not be charged for this service. Parents and carers who need an interpreter to attend a school meeting should let us know.
Adult Education
Grands Raising Kids has been set up to provide information and support for grandparents and relatives (kinship carers), caring for children who are unable to live with their parents. Click here for website.



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