Caring For Students - HSPA Welfare Programs

Hunter School of the Performing Arts has a strong student welfare focus based on the belief that students learn best in a safe, supportive and positive environment. Programs are in place to increase the social and personal development skills of students as well as to provide a framework for addressing concerns or issues that arise on a day to day basis. All staff are aware that student welfare underpins all school endeavours and that everyone has a role to play in providing the best learning conditions.

Years 3-6
Orientation for new students
Peer Support /Buddy programs
Student Parliament
Child Protection and Drug Education lessons
Years 7-10
Orientation for new students / Year 7
Peer Support Program
Mind Matters Program
Drama productions with a welfare focus
Year Assemblies
Annual interviews with Year Advisers to review progress
Leadership training
Boys welfare initiatives?focus days
Years 11-12
Orientation for new students
Crossroads and Drug and Alcohol Workshops
Study skills and relationships workshops
Senior Mentor Program (Year 12)
Year Assemblies
Weekly year group meetings
Additional Activities
Antibullying workshops
Emphasis on supportive networks e.g. Peer Support
Parent/Teacher Interviews
Pathways to Learning interviews
New student interviews 


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