Caring For Students - HSPA Welfare Programs

Hunter School of the Performing Arts has a strong student welfare focus based on the belief that students learn best in a safe, supportive and positive environment. Programs are in place to increase the social and personal development skills of students as well as to provide a framework for addressing concerns or issues that arise on a day to day basis. All staff are aware that student welfare underpins all school endeavours and that everyone has a role to play in providing the best learning conditions.

 Years 3-6
?  Orientation for new students
?   Peer Support /Buddy programs
?  Assemblies
?  Student Parliament
?  Child Protection and Drug Education lessons
Years 7-10
?  Orientation for new students / Year 7
?  Peer Support Program
?  Mind Matters Program
?  Drama productions with a welfare focus
?  Year Assemblies
?  Annual interviews with Year Advisers to review progress
?  Leadership training
?  Boys welfare initiatives?focus days
Years 11-12
?  Orientation for new students
?  Crossroads and Drug and Alcohol Workshops
?  Study skills and relationships workshops
?  Senior Mentor Program (Year 12)
?  Year Assemblies
?  Weekly year group meetings
?  ROADwhyz
Additional Activities
?  Antibullying workshops
?  Emphasis on supportive networks e.g. Peer Support
?  New student interviews 



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